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2019-10-17 Аудит, зөвлөх үйлчилгээний байгууллагатай хамтран ажиллах саналын урилга

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Project Title: ADB/JFPR Technical Assistance (TA) for Supporting Agriculture Value Chain (TA-8960: MON)
Assignment Title: Service to conduct a third-party audit on the requirements of quality management and farm standards at selected Project Participating Enterprises
Request for proposal: 18 October 2019
Deadline: 24 October 2019, 5:00 Р.M
Language: English
Audit Firm: The audit firm must be accredited by an internationally well-known accreditation body.
Conduct third-party ISO9001:2015 audit at 4 food production companies (honey, meat, sea-buckthorn products) and Global G.A.P. Fruit & Vegetables Standard audit at 2 sea-buckthorn producers, and issue certificate upon verification of compliance with the standards. The consultant can provide audit service for both ISO9001:2015 and Global G.A.P. Fruit & vegetable standards or for one of them.
The assignment will be implemented over a 1-month period including document review, on-site audit, audit report, and issuing certificates to the Project Participating Enterprises (PPE) based on the audit results.
Both international and national service providers are eligible for this assignment.
Interested service providers must provide information illustrating that they are qualified to perform the services and prove documents of staff capacity. For evaluation, companies shall submit technical and financial proposals, a list of organizations/company that received similar work services, certificate of accreditation and qualification of proposed auditors.
TOR for auditing assignment is available upon request.
The service provider should submit technical and financial proposals simultaneously in two separate envelopes by the 24 October 2019, 5:00 Р.M by post or by e-mail to: “Supporting Agriculture Value Chain” Technical Assistance Project (TA-8960: MON)
Attn. Enkhjargal Tumur-Ochir, Team Coordinator enkhjargal@monconsult.mn
cc: ta8960admin@monconsult.mn,
For more details please contact us at:
Tel: 7711-6610
Contact Person: Tsolmon Batbold, ta8960admin@monconsult.mn


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